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Four members of the Yorkshire based Middleton Hunt, including the huntsman and the whipper-in, have appeared in court for offences under the Hunting Act 2004 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Each of the accused has been charged with the following offences following an incident of alleged illegal fox hunting on the 17th December 2012:

1. Hunting a Wild Mammal with a dog – S.1 Hunting Act 2004

2. Permitting a Dog to be used in the course of a S.1 offence – S.3(2) of the Hunting Act

3. Causing Unnecessary Suffering to an Animal – S.4 Animal Welfare Act 2006

A report was made to Humberside Police by the League Against Cruel Sports following an incident that took place on land near to Full Sutton in East Yorkshire in December 2012.

The Animal Welfare Act is most commonly used for cases where unnecessary suffering has been caused to a domesticated animal such as a dog or cat. However, wild animals such as foxes can be given protection under the Act in certain circumstances such as when caught in a trap or prevented from having their natural freedom.

A Humberside Police spokesperson stated “Our role in this case is to uphold the law and bring to court those who choose to break the law by continuing as they did prior to changes in the legislation.”

The case has been adjourned until the 13th August when the four defendants will appear at York Magistrates Court.